Your Child

Starting your child

If you are interested in your child joining Blackhall Playgroup, please complete an online enrolment form and you will be added to our waiting list.

When your child is age eligible and we have availability we will contact you to arrange a visit. During this visit you can meet with staff, see playgroup in action and have time to ask any questions.

During this visit we will ask you to complete our full enrolment form and we will discuss with you what is the best settling steps for you and your child.

Drop off / pick up

Our  session starts at 9.00am. Children enter the playroom through our cloakroom. Here, each child has their own peg and we supply a playgroup bag, allowing indoor shoes, nappy/change of clothes to be left.

Before our goodbyes, parents can support their child to change into indoor shoes, and share any information with staff. Pick up time is at 11.30, parents can wait within the cloakroom, while we finish our singing. To ensure the children’s safety, children will be called to the cloakroom when a parent / adult is there to collect them. 


During a playgroup session, our staff support children in their play. We observe and get to know all children so we can plan activities and resources, creating an environment that will support their development and interests.

From 10.00am, a healthy snack is available (see below for more details). We work with parents and support children with food allergies and dietary requirements. We say goodbye and finish our session with music and library time. 


Blackhall Playgroup is enrolled with the ‘Scottish Milk and Healthy Snack Scheme’. We are funded for your child to receive 190ml of semi skimmed milk or alternative per session along with a piece of fruit. Along with this, we provide an appropriate portion of food - mini sandwich, yogurt, bread sticks, toasts and plain biscuit are a few examples. Water is also available to the children. Our weekly snack menu is posted on the notice board located within our cloakroom.

A stimulating, rewarding and welcoming play environment for children